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Cargo Ship at Port


Avani International buys and sells copper, stainless steel, aluminum, lead, zinc, brass, bronze, nickel, cables, electronics, hms1, hms1/2, cutting iron, grit, new grit, sheet iron, beam iron, cast iron, iron turnings, gold silver and platinum.


Avani International has a worldwide network. Through contact with end users and factories spread over different continents, we are in a position to offer you as a supplier the best prices for your materials. For customers, we as Avani have the experience and relationships to be able to realize the export as well as possible.


Due to the direct location on the river IJssel, we are able to load directly from and onto ships. This enables us to quickly transfer goods to nearby ports. We also work with the best transport companies, so that we can continue to guarantee our quality and service all over the world.

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